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Leading the Shroom Boom: Our NEW Functional Mushroom Range

Leading the Shroom Boom: Our NEW Functional Mushroom Range

In the world of health and wellness, one trend has taken the forefront: functional mushrooms. Making their way from the forest floor to the forefront of the trending wellness scene with a huge 400% increase in searches (2017-2023), these potent fungi are poised to become the superior alternative to CBD. Offering more than CBD’s traditional calming benefits, functional mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to support everything from aiding cognitive function and energy to promoting better sleep, addressing inflammation and supporting immune health. Now, you can discover their benefits with the launch of the first-ever comprehensive range of Mushroom Gummies; 13 groundbreaking products that set the bar, in what is being dubbed the “Shroom Boom.”

Easy to take and deliciously tasty, our mushroom gummies are a tasty and convenient alternative to traditional strange-tasting powders, coffees and capsules. No earthy aftertaste- just delicious fruity flavours.

"We've meticulously selected high-strength extracts, ensuring robust polysaccharide content. Whether it's the nourishing fruiting bodies or, in the case of Cordyceps, the research-backed mycelium, we source from the very best parts of the mushrooms to ensure people can get the maximum health benefits from these products." 

Ashley English, Head Nutritionist at Known

Introducing our 5 hero Mushroom Gummies with potent mushroom extracts enriched with vitamins and minerals. Our tasty Cranberry flavoured Reishi Gummies contain another potent dose of 1000mg of Reishi Mushroom per serving, a mushroom which contributes to maintaining a healthy circulatory function and may help support the immune system. The delicious Apple flavoured Cordyceps Gummies contain 400mg of the well-known “zombie fungus” that served as inspiration for “The Last of Us” series (don’t worry, they won't result in any zombification!). For fans of Chaga Mushroom, the Chaga Gummies deliver 1000mg per serving in a tasty Blackcurrant flavour. The Maitake Gummies offer a potent 1000mg of Maitake Mushroom per serving, infused with a delicious Elderberry flavour, while the Shiitake Gummies present 1000mg of Shiitake Mushroom per serving in a delightful Cherry flavour.

With each of these gummies, you can experience the health benefits of these incredible mushrooms without compromising on taste – no earthy aftertaste, just delicious fruity flavours. 

But the innovation doesn't stop there. If you’re uncertain about which mushroom is right for you, try one of our 6 incredible Mushroom Complexes. These blends are carefully formulated to address specific health concerns, combining a variety of mushrooms, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. The Multi Mushroom complex is a game-changer, putting a spin on traditional multivitamins by blending Maitake, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Tremella, enriched with added vitamins, minerals, and botanicals such as Ginseng. Dive into the comprehensive range, including, Brain Mushrooms, Energy Mushrooms, Bone and Joint Mushrooms, Mood Mushrooms, Immunity Mushrooms and Sleep Mushrooms. 

And rest assured, they taste incredible, so you’ll want to take them every single day.

Shop our incredible new mushroom range now!


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