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Learn about the science behind our products.

Why Gummies?

Our decision to deliver nutrients in gummies instead of traditional tablets is rooted in scientific research.

Our gummies not only taste delicious but also play a pivotal role in promoting a consistent supplement routine. We understand that adherence to a supplement regime is crucial for achieving the very best results, and our great tasting gummies make it easier for you to incorporate them into your daily routine.

However, the appeal doesn't end there. The process of chewing our gummies initiates early-stage absorption in the mouth, which prepares the digestive system for nutrient assimilation.

By bypassing the need for breakdown in the stomach, gummies optimise the body's ability to absorb essential nutrients efficiently.

Why Liposomal Liquids?

We set out to create a formula that allows the body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients possible to give faster, more effective results.

After months of research, our team of experts presented us with the concept of liposomal liquid supplements.

Liposomal technology encapsulates active ingredients within tiny lipid (fat) spheres called liposomes.

Gastrointestinal protection.

Liposomal technology provides gastrointestinal protection by safeguarding the encapsulated substances from stomach acid and enzymatic degradation, ensuring their optimal delivery and absorption in the gut.

Enhanced Bioavailability.

The liposome structure mimics natural cell membranes, allowing it to be absorbed more effectively in the small intestine.

Let's put this to the test.

Vitamin C is incredibly important for our skin, but it’s also water-soluble, making it very hard to be absorbed effectively. (Instead, it comes out the other end.)

Clinical studies from Colorado State University show wrapping Vitamin C in Liposomes achieves 85% absorption, +50% more than unencapsulated Vitamin C.

As a benchmark, traditional tablets only deliver 15-20% absorption of Vitamin C.