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Why this health coach swears by Collagen

Why this health coach swears by Collagen

After being introduced to the supplement nearly 4 years ago, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Suzy Glaskie, explains how the protein has changed her life and why it will be a staple in her routine forever.    

I was first introduced to collagen via an insider tip from my lovely neighbour, who also happens to be a hugely knowledgeable nutritional therapist. 

Around five years ago, she took me aside and gave me an invaluable piece of advice. I had just had a DEXA scan that revealed the bone density of my hips was weak – something that had first been picked up when I was only 35. Given that my mum had osteopenia and had suffered a few breaks, I was desperate to do whatever I could to protect my bones, which are, after all, the scaffolding for my whole self. 

In addition to the bone-building supplements I was taking, my neighbour urged me to start taking liquid Collagen. I promptly bought the same brand of powdered collagen that she used and started taking it religiously, mixed up in some water. There was only one problem with it: it tasted hideous. Every time I swallowed it, I had flashbacks to when I used to handle the PR for a gelatine manufacturer. I would dread having to visit their factory and would practically pass out at the smell of cow hides simmering in vats of formaldehyde. 

But I persevered. I was reading more and more about the myriad benefits of this hugely important protein. I learned how it helps heal joints, can fix gut issues, protects our cardiovascular health and boosts our metabolism. And then, of-course, there were the remarkable skin benefits. I learnt that, from the age of 25 onwards, our production of collagen begins to slow down. As I was now in my mid-forties, I’d probably already lost around 25% of my Collagen, which means skin starts to lose its elasticity and tone (it’s  collagen that keeps our skin youthful, plump and tight.)

Now that I’m 50 and heading for the menopause, I know that my oestrogen levels are likely to plummet, taking more of my precious Collagen supply with them.  

Since switching to Known’s Advanced Collagen Supplement (which marries up collagen with Liposomal Vitamin C for enhanced absorption, plus a whole host of natural, skin-boosting botanicals) my skin literally started to change before my eyes. I’d been taking a sachet every morning for around three weeks when I noticed that my skin looked more even-textured. Plus, rather than gagging, I happily gulp down the berry-tasting liquid every morning – or squirt it over my Greek yoghurt as a fruity syrup. 

Collagen is now as much a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I’m passionate about doing what I can to optimise my health and help my body and mind to age well (and sharing that knowledge with others). Supplementing with Collagen is simply a non-negotiable for me.

Here’s what clinched it. When I had a follow-up DEXA scan earlier this year, I was over the moon to learn that there had been an improvement in the bone density of my hips and I was no longer in the “at risk” zone. My hip bone density was actually better at the age of 50 than it was at the age of 35. 

I can't say definitively that the shift was entirely down to taking daily Collagen because I've improved my lifestyle in many ways since becoming a Functional Medicine Health Coach. But I’m pretty sure the collagen had something to do with it. Either way, there's absolutely no way I'm ever giving up my daily collagen boost. It's the best insurance for how I feel and look as I get older. I'm a total convert. 

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